789bet – Southeast Asia’s No. 1 soccer betting house

It would be a pity if gamers don’t try to experience playing 789bet. Surely, coming to this house, you will be completely satisfied with the quality of service and betting games. To understand more about the leading prestigious entertainment playground, please read the article of okvip.

Introducing the online betting site 789bet

789bet is an official agent authorized by the world’s most prestigious and high-quality bookmaker to operate in Vietnam. This entertainment playground has been created by ProgressPlay Limited. So we have brought players the best and most interesting products to affirm their position.

Introducing the online betting site 789bet

Coming to this reputable house, you will experience many different attractive games such as: Sports betting, Poker, lottery… The house’s strengths are not only in the quality of the games. But also in customer care service, the interface design is simple but quite eye-catching and attracts attention. When betting here, you are guaranteed to experience an extremely classy real-life casino.

In addition, in 2013, 789bet was fully licensed to operate business by ProgressPlay Limited by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation.

Therefore, players can completely rest assured when participating in betting at this playground. Without having to worry about fraud or getting into legal problems. This is a very important factor that has helped the number of members joining the house to be very large and constantly increasing every day.

Betting games are available at 789bet

Currently, this soccer betting playground is a reputable online bookmaker, providing a variety of attractive game genres. Giving players many choices such as:

  • Online sports betting
  • number game
  • live casino
  • card casino
  • Keno, lottery…

Betting games are available at 789bet

In general, all game titles at this house always meet two criteria: market trends and product quality. The experience of playing games at an online bookmaker is very interesting. It even gives you more opportunities to make money.

Instructions for registration steps – logging in to your account at 789bet

To be able to bet at this prestigious entertainment playground, you just need to complete the following simple steps:

Step 1: Access the home page

Registering an account with this reputable house is quite simple and almost anyone can do it. First, you need to access the registration link of bookmaker 789bet.

Step 2: Fill in the available information and forms

Here, the information panel will appear and all you need to do now is fill it out as the dealer has instructed below:

Note: Fields marked with (*) are required to be filled in and should not be skipped. As follows:

Steps to register an account at 789bet

  • Full name: Please fill in your full name.
  • Date, month, year of birth: This is the second password that you will need to use later if you need to confirm your information or withdraw money… from the house. So please fill in as accurately as possible and remember carefully.
  • Email address: Please enter the main email you are using to make it easier to confirm notifications from the house. If you enter it incorrectly, if you forget your password, it will be very difficult to retrieve it.
  • Contact phone number: Please select the personal phone number you are using. If there are any errors, the dealer will not be able to contact you to confirm.
  • Phone number 2: If it exists, you can enter it, otherwise ignore it.
  • Username: You can enter a name of your choice. The advice for you is to enter a name that you can remember easily, so you can log in later for convenience.
  • Password: Please enter the password that is easiest for you to remember.
  • Confirm registration password: Re-enter the same password as you just set above.
  • Choose the price for one credit: there are three levels for you to choose from including 100,000 VND, 50,000 VND and 30,000 VND. It will correspond to each available default program. Because of the popularity of special offers and incentives, they will be multiplied four times. So we recommend that you choose at 100,000 VND.

Step 3: Click on the Register button

After completing all the information on the board, carefully review your information again and begin “Register”. Likewise, in less than two minutes, you will have a personal account to be able to bet at the house.


Đối tác 789bet is the leading reputable online casino and soccer betting site today. This is also the best choice for new gamers. Register now at this house to receive many attractive and valuable rewards!

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