Become a tycoon with the Power lottery prize of hundreds of billions at bookmaker New88

If you are bored with the traditional way of playing lotteries, let’s switch to the game portal New 88 a little Power lottery of Vietlott station, right?

New88 explains the Power lottery prize structure at Vietlott

Power lottery structure is very different from traditional lottery. Part of it also comes from the difference in the form of playing self-selected lottery tickets and printed lottery tickets. Power lottery will be drawn every day, but whether anyone wins or not depends on luck.

Power lottery tickets have a maximum total of 6 numbers. You can only choose numbers from 01 to 55. Thus, the combination and combination of numbers will be huge, sometimes it is natural that no one will win the prize for a week. This is what makes Power lottery so attractive.

If you win 6 numbers, you will get Jackpot 1 of more than 30 billion VND with accumulated bonuses over days when no one receives the prize, which can be up to more than 100 billion VND. Jackpot 2 will require winning 5 numbers which is a lucky number.

There is also the concept of Bao, that is, how many numbers do you win out of those 6 numbers? Winning 2 or more numbers is called Bao 2, 3, 4, 5. Each bag will have its own reward, from Bao 3 onwards has also reached 85 million.

Power lots are predicted to come out in the next 3 days

The Power lots predicted by New88 to come out in the next 3 days will be.

Power lottery prediction tomorrow

First up are tomorrow’s Power lots. New88’s computational server system has given us the following range of results.

Tomorrow’s winning power lot: 45 – 12 – 51 – 09 – 34 – 01. Bonus number will be 15.

Based on the lottery ratio of numbers 45 and 09 as well as the frequent appearance of 01 and 15, the publisher came up with this number sequence. If you play Power Vietlott lottery, you can play lotteries 01 – 10 and 51 – 15 to win big.

Power lottery prediction the day after tomorrow

New88’s servers can also predict tomorrow’s results. However, the more distant the prediction is, the accuracy of the prediction may also be distorted or reduced. New88 will send you the results of 2 power lots that the house predicted in advance.

Power lottery tomorrow 1: 50 – 24 – 44 – 05 – 14 – 32. Bonus number is 40.

Power lottery tomorrow 2: 50 – 15 – 06 – 46 – 27 – 35. Bonus number is 29.

As you can see, even though two parallel results are produced, the number 50 is still predicted to come out. So when choosing a number, please choose number 50 immediately.

Power lottery prediction yesterday

Finally, the Power lot prediction the other day. Currently, because it is quite far away from the time of prediction, you should only enter the lottery to buy numbers, or fill in to buy 2 or 3 more spare tickets. Don’t believe this result too much because it is only 50% effective.

You should just take a look at these reference results, focusing on the money for the two predicted results tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
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Power lot predicted the other day: 24 – 47 – 18 – 29 – 36 – 53. Bonus number is 38.

Buy lottery tickets without going far, buy now at New88 

If you want to invest in lottery tickets every day to embrace your dream of becoming a billionaire, then congratulations, there are very few people who choose this path. Successful people always have a path for themselves that no one can think of. As long as the god of luck smiles, you will surely smile for the rest of your life.

But having to regularly buy lottery tickets also makes you quite tired. Don’t worry too much because New88 is here for you. Here there is a service to order Power lottery tickets and other forms of Vietlott lottery tickets completely online.

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