Best 99+Birthday Wishes in English

Best Birthday wishes from a caring place where every wish is carefully designed to make your loved ones feel really valued on their special day.

This collection of birthday greetings combines comfort originality, and honesty in a lovely way to express your love, affection, and happiness for the individual remembering their next journey around the sun.

Every Birthday wishes, from sincere expressions of appreciation to lighthearted shows of joy and laughter, is created to highlight the special traits and precious times shared with the birthday person.

So let these birthday greetings provide motivation for you to show your love and affection in the most everlasting and meaningful way, whether you’re looking for the ideal message to share with a close friend, member of your family, or coworker. If you want more Shayari about birthday then visit Birthday Shayari.

Birthday Wishes in English

Birthday Wishes In English

1) May Your Birthday Be Sprinkled With Fun And Laughter. Have A Great Day!

2) Warmest Wishes For A Very Happy Birthday.

3) Congratulations On Your Birthday! Wishing You A Truly Fabulous Day.

4) Wishing You A Very Special Birthday And A Wonderful Year Ahead!

5) I Hope Your Birthday Is Full Of Sunshine And Rainbows And Love And Laughter! Sending Many Good Wishes To You On Your Special Day.

6) Happy Birthday! I Hope You Have A Great Day Today And The Year Ahead Is Full Of Many Blessings.

7) Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday! May All Your Dreams Come True.

8) Happy Birthday! I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day And That The Year Ahead Is Full Of Fun And Adventure.

9) Happy Birthday! Wishing You A Beautiful Day And Many Blessings For The Year Ahead.

10) Congratulations On Your Birthday! Sending You Our Love And Good Wishes.

11) Many Happy Returns To You On Your Birthday! We Hope You Have A Wonderful Day Full Of Friends, Family, And Cake! 

12) Happy Birthday To A Great Buddy! I Hope You Have A Good One.

13) Happy Birthday! There’s No One Else I’d Rather Be Quarantined With.

14) Happy Birthday! Sit Back, Relax, And Celebrate How Truly Wonderful You Are With A Well-Deserved Quarantine!

15) Today I’ll Be Singing Happy Birthday To You Twice Every Time I Wash My Hands And Sending Lots Of Birthday Love Your Way. Have A Good One!

16) I Can’t Wait To Be Less Than 6 Feet Away From You! Happy Birthday!

17) On The Bright Side, At Least You Don’t Have To Share Your Birthday Cake With Anyone Else This Year!

18) Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday From A Safe And Appropriate Social-Distance!

19) Keep Calm And Stay Safe… And Have A Very Happy Birthday!

20) So Very Sorry To Hear You’re Not Well On Your Birthday. Sending Lots Of Love And Happiness Your Way!

21) Sending Lots Of Love And A Big Virus-Free Hug On Your Birthday. I Miss You Enormously And I Can’t Wait To Take You Out To Party Properly Once Lockdown Is Over!!

Funny Birthday Wishes

1) I Wanted To Get You Something Truly Amazing And Inspiring For Your Birthday And Then I Remembered That You Already Have Me.

2) Happy Birthday! Don’t Forget To Iron That Birthday Suit.

3) Those Aren’t Gray Hairs You See. They’re Strands Of Birthday Glitter Growing Out Of Your Head.

4) Don’t Let Aging Get You Down. It’s Too Hard To Get Up Again!

5) You’re [Insert Age]? Better Take That Cake Outdoors To Light The Candles! Have A Very Happy Birthday.

6) [Insert Age] Is A Perfect Age. You’re Old Enough To Recognize Your Mistakes But Young Enough To Make Some More. Happy Birthday!

7) Don’t Worry, They Are Not Gray Hairs, They Are Wisdom Highlights. You Just Happen To Be Extremely Wise.

8) Q: What Goes Up And Never Comes Down?

      A: Your Age!

9) Night Sweats And Hot Flashes Are Nature’s Way Of Lowering Your Heating Bill So You Can Save More Money For Your Retirement.

10) Happy Birthday! I’m So Pleased To Hear You’re Over The Hill Instead Of Under It.

11) Happy Birthday. It Took You [Insert Age] Years To Look This Good!

12) I Wouldn’t Say You’re Old… You’ve Just Been Young For Longer Than Most Of Us. Happy Birthday!

13) You’re Not Getting Older… Just More Distinguished! Happy Birthday.

14) By The Time You’re [Insert Age] You’ve Learned Everything – You Only Have To Remember It! Many Happy Returns On Your Birthday. 

15) You Know You’re Getting Older When An “All-Nighter” Means Not Getting Up To Pee.

16) Middle Age: That Time When You Finally Get Your Head Together – Then Your Body Starts Falling Apart.

17) Middle Age Is When Your Age Starts To Show Around Your Middle.

18) Middle Age… When “Happy Hour” Is A Nap!

19) How Do You Know You’ve Hit Middle-Age? In Preparation For A Big Sneeze You Cross Your Legs Really Hard And Hope For The Best!

20) You Are So Old, You Walked Into An Antique Shop And They Sold You.

Sad Birthday Wishes

  1. “Today may be a little tough, but remember, even stars shine brighter in the darkest of nights. Happy birthday.”
  2. “On this day, it’s okay to feel sad. Embrace your emotions, and remember that brighter days are ahead.”
  3. “Birthdays are a reminder of the passage of time. Today, take a moment to reflect and heal. Happy birthday.”
  4. “Sending you a warm hug and a shoulder to lean on today. Wishing you strength on your birthday.”
  5. “Though your birthday may be tinged with sadness, may your year ahead be filled with happiness and love.”
  6. “As the candles flicker, may they light up the path to a brighter tomorrow. Happy birthday.”
  7. “Even in your moments of sorrow, you are surrounded by those who care for you. Happy birthday, dear friend.”
  8. “Life has its ups and downs, and today may be a down, but remember, the sun always rises. Happy birthday.”
  9. “Your birthday may not be as you envisioned, but it’s still a day to celebrate your strength and resilience.”
  10. “Sometimes, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-compassion. Happy birthday to a strong soul.”
  11. “Let this birthday be a reminder that you are loved, even on your darkest days.”
  12. “Birthdays are a journey, and today is just one step. Keep moving forward, and happier days will come.”
  13. “In the midst of sorrow, find solace in the love that surrounds you. Happy birthday, and may brighter days be on the horizon.”
  14. “Your birthday is a chapter in the book of your life. Even in the sad moments, your story is worth celebrating.”
  15. “Today, we honor your feelings and wish for healing. Happy birthday, and may happiness soon fill your heart.”

Smile Birthday Wishes

  1. “Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. So, chin up, my friend, you’re doing great!” 
  2. “Another year older and wiser? Maybe. But one thing’s for sure, you’re another year fabulous!” 
  3. “Growing older is mandatory, but growing up is optional. Embrace your inner child and have a joyful birthday!” 
  4. “They say with age comes wisdom, but it also comes with extra candles on your cake. Make a wish, and don’t set off the fire alarm!” 
  5. “Birthdays are like chocolate chip cookies, best when warm and shared with friends. So, grab your pals, and let’s party!” 
  6. “Age is just a number, and wrinkles are just laugh lines that tell your story. Keep smiling, and happy birthday!” 
  7. “Life is a roller coaster, and birthdays are like those loop-de-loops. Hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!” 
  8. “On your special day, remember that you’re not getting older; you’re leveling up! Cheers to another year of adventures!” 
  9. “Even on your saddest days, remember that you’re someone’s reason to smile. Happy birthday, sunshine!” 
  10. “Age gracefully, they say. Well, I say age with a funky dance move and a slice of cake in hand!” 

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