How to Choose the Right Eco-Friendly Electric Generator for Your Needs


As our globe grows ever more conscious of ecological stability and the need to shrink our carbon footprints, environmentally friendly electric generators have gained considerable currency in recent years as a favored selection to power not only homes and businesses, again and again, but also those outdoor adventures. The (hidden) beauty of ecological power from generators, in comparison to your everyday fossil fuel variety, is that they operate in nothing short of a ‘take back the Earth’ kind of way. In other words, in case you hadn’t noticed, eco power = awesome power!

Of course, choosing any old ‘eco-friendly power’ generator won’t get you into the cool kids club. There, you would wither away without a spot in the decidedly unawesome corner of the room. What follows in this guide ought to stop that from happening.

Understanding Your Power Needs

  • Start your journey to an electric generator decision by assessing the power requirements you’ll be working under. If you want a really “eco” generator, you have to push past the idea of “oh, I might use it from time to time” to something really solid. Add up the continuous power all the devices you’re going to be using will need; that’s the wattage your ideal generator will produce. Then add some room for the devices that pull first and then run at a different wattage. Don’t forget you’re going to be using all this power at once, and you’re most likely to do it more than once if you’re thinking about using a generator.
  • Voltage and frequency come next: not all devices are created equal for all types of power.

Renewable Energy Sources: Choosing the Right Fit

  • There are several kinds of eco-friendly electric generators. Each kind makes use of a different sort of renewable energy. Let’s look at a few of them:
  • Solar Generators: If you’re a good thing, you have abundant sunlight. That’s because “a solar generator uses photovoltaic (PV) panels to harvest energy from the sun and convert it into electricity,” says in a comprehensive piece on each type. Solar generators are good because they use a totally free energy source that doesn’t create any harmful emissions. And when (and if!) Society gets a much better handle on using batteries to store solar-generated electricity, a lot of people who prefer to be Green, 24/7, will be able to get a big solar set-up running without also having to use a backup generator that runs on fossil fuels.

Additional Considerations

  • Counting power consumption and supply types, there are still other elements to think about, such as:
  • Portability: If you’re living outdoors for any reason, as in campgrounds, what’s the point of a generator that can’t be moved by one person and a little red wagon? So, first and foremost, if human power is to be considered in the engine selection, premium must be put on human premiums. Give us something we can carry. Rope or not.
  • Energy Storage Having a solar power supply or a wind power supply to charge up a bank of batteries is good; but what, then, is the point if the “bank” can’t hold enough for us to live through our power blackout periods? Pay attention to the bank. Give us more cells.
  • Cost: Give us something we can afford. Don’t let “best” or “better” quality be the enemy of “good enough”; if it ain’t affordable, it ain’t an effective tool for revolution or climate conservation.


Picking the right green electric generator is an important part of lessening your impact on the environment and moving towards a sustainable way of life. By thinking through what you want and need a generator for, you can start to get an idea of what your “right” generator might be. From there, considering factors like portability, cost, performance, and just how much of an actual contribution towards lessening harm to the environment, your generator makes, should help to better influence what you decide to buy.

There are a lot of great green options, and there’s plenty of room to run comparisons and make up your mind.

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