Shake Bau Cua Online Hi88 – The Most Worth Playing Game of 2024

Super product shaking gourd crab online hi88 is a HOT game loved by many bettors. The game is especially used during traditional Vietnamese holidays. However, with the online form, users can experience the game anytime, anywhere. The rules are simple and the reward rate is high, so online Bau Cua is very trusted and conquered by users.

Introduction to shaking crab gourd online Hi88

The game originated from China and was introduced to Vietnam a long time ago. Gradually, the game was highly appreciated and integrated into online platforms. You only need a phone or computer with an internet connection to conveniently participate in the game. Especially in 2024, users will receive many attractive incentives from us when participating shake crab gourd online Hi88.

The game has very simple rules with only 1 bowl, 1 plate, 3 dice with mascots on each side and a board with pictures of animals and crabs printed on it. The dealer will put the dice into the bowl and plate and then shake them. Each participating member will place a bet on the mascot symbol available on the table. Finally, the dealer will open the bowl and read the results.

How to play Bau Cua online Hi88

In general, the way to participate in Bau Cua is very simple. Players who want to win need to know the rules of the game.

Some common terms in online crab shaking Hi88

Before understanding how to play Bau Cua online Hi88 Bettors need to recognize the names in the game. Here are some common terms that frequently appear in the game:

  • Shake: Is the act of the dealer shaking 3 dice that display the mascot symbols in the game.
  • Opening: The act of opening plates and bowls after the player has made a complete bet.
  • Betting doors: Are boxes containing 6 mascot symbols. Players speculate on which box the result will be and bet on that door.
  • Change bet level: Bet player changes the bet amount before announcing the result.
  • Double the bet: The meaning of placing a single bet and playing in the form of doubling the bet amount.
  • Withdraw tickets: Withdraw the entire bet amount before the prescribed betting time expires.
  • Giving tickets: Giving tickets to other players when you have chosen their avatar.

Easy-to-understand rules of online crab shaking game Hi88

To clearly understand and grasp the rules of the online crab shaking game Hi88, bettors please follow the content below:

The game is not limited to the number of participants whether playing traditionally or online. First, the Dealer will roll 3 dice, then close the lid and not announce the results. At this time, members will be invited to bet.

The betting form is very simple, gamers just need to bet on the mascot that you think will produce results. The bet amount and dice faces will not be limited, meaning you will be able to choose multiple dice faces to bet on at the same time. However, to win, players need to have careful calculations and apply strategies to predict.

After the betting process is completed, the house will open the results to announce. If your prediction matches the dice face up, you win. The bonus amount will be transferred immediately to the player’s member account.
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Bonus calculation rate in the game

  • For bonus rate calculation rules Casino online At the bookmaker it is very simple, if you predict a specific side of the vfa dice correctly, you will receive a reward at a ratio of 1: 1.
  • If your prediction is correct and this symbol appears on two dice, the bettor will receive a ratio of 1:2.
  • If the symbol you choose appears on all 3 sides of the dice, the bonus you receive will be multiplied by 3.

Experience in playing Bau Cua online Hi88

To win big, in addition to knowing the rules of the game, users need to learn some good playing strategies from the experts. Make sure you play Bau Cua online in the most effective way.

Grasp the rules of the game

Strategy for playing Bau Cua online Hi88 What we want to mention is understanding the rules of the game. These regulations will include content such as: identifying symbols in dice, how to place bets, methods of calculating winnings and losses, etc. Only by understanding these rules will you be able to easily make decisions. Correct decisions to participate in betting.

Practice memorizing dice faces

Learning to remember the sides of the dice is one of the strategies for playing Bau Cua online Hi88 very effective. However, to use this method requires bettors to have time to practice the skill. Through previous bets, try to remember all the results. Then summarize to find the rules of the dice faces. If you see which mascot symbol is popular, apply it to your next bet.

Observe the members in the betting game

Professional players always have their own and exclusive strategies. Observing all members in the betting game will help bettors understand the overall betting game more thoroughly. Choose members who win continuously to join and learn how to participate. As for those who lose a lot, see where their flaws are so we can avoid them.

Learn to hear the dice in the game

A very effective tip from veteran players when playing Bau Cua online is to listen to the sound of the dice. This playing strategy helps gamers grasp the rules of mascots appearing. Users should pay attention to how hard or how gently the Dealer shakes, or how many times it shakes. From there, it is possible to accurately predict the results and increase the winning rate for users.

Maintain a stable mentality during the game

While participating in the online crab game Hi88 Gamers need to always maintain a stable mentality. Do not let any external factors influence the gaming process. Always stay calm and handle every situation firmly. From there, you can maintain and continue participating with the best playing strategies.

Detailed instructions on how to play Bau Cua online Hi88

How to participate in playing Bau Cua online at Hi88 giving away 88K is extremely simple and easy to operate. Below are detailed steps users should take.

  • Step 1: First access the house’s homepage Hi88 com and log in to your member account.
  • Step 2: On the system home page, click on “Deposit” to create betting capital.
  • Step 3: After making sure you have capital. Gamers go to the game menu, select the card game betting lobby => continue to select the crab game to participate.
  • Step 4: The player chooses the appropriate bet and spends money to place. Then wait for the Dealer to shake the dice and give the results.


Shake crab gourd online Hi88 day is one of the hottest super products today. When choosing the game, you will have very interesting experience moments. At the same time, it gives bettors extremely valuable and rewarding opportunities.

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