What is a Corner Kick Bet? What Types of Betting Are There in 2024?

What is the concept of corner kicks? What is your experience in catching these odds to win big bets? If bettors are wondering about the above issues, please refer to our article below to find the answers.

What is the concept of corner kicks?

In today’s market, in addition to popular betting forms in the market such as Asia and Europe, there are hii88 homepage There is also a fairly new appearance of this odds. Immediately after launching the corner kick betting market, it quickly received attention from customers because of its simple rules and high winning rate.

If betting forms in Asia require players to pay attention to the score of each match, in Europe, we are required to pay attention to the final result. However, corner kicks are much simpler, you just need to pay attention to the number of penalties on the field and place a bet. 

In general, for you to better understand the spirit of these odds, please refer to the classification of betting forms and the playing experience of the players. Just remember the content of the following section so players can participate in betting to earn billions. 

Classification of forms of betting on corner kicks

Similar to other forms of betting on the market, there are many classifications for corner kicks for customers to choose from. Below are the popular odds that many bettors love. Readers can refer to them to find a suitable form of play.

Over/Under corner kicks

Having just heard the name Over/Under odds, surely everyone here understands some of the rules of the game, right? Basically this form of betting is quite simple, the house will give the appropriate odds, your job is to choose Over or Under. 

The specific example is as follows, the house’s set odds are 5. If the total number of corner kicks of the 2 teams is greater than 5, the person who chooses Over wins, otherwise if it is less than 5, the member who plays Under wins money. Besides, Over/Under corner kick odds also have many other forms of betting similar to Over/Under odds such as odd even. With this form of 50 – 50 betting, even inexperienced people can place bets.

First corner kick bet

The first corner bet, also known internationally as First Corner, when playing this form of bet we only need to predict which team will have the first penalty goal. In general, this bet does not have any difficult terms, you just need to consider a few factors about the strength of each team or refer to online betting methods. 

If you don’t have much experience betting on soccer, try this special form of betting. Currently, there are many players who choose to bet on the first corner and add a price to the bet to increase profits if they win. 

Final corner bet

If above we just introduced the first corner kick odds, here it will be the opposite form, that is, betting on the last team to kick. The rules of the game and betting methods are similar to above, however for this form of betting, the organizer will offer more bet levels, you can choose according to the conditions. 

Experience in corner kick betting from experts

Playing corner kicks is extremely simple, even members without much experience can place a winning bet. But to ensure a high success rate in each bet, the player himself must have a few tricks. Below is the experience of looking at top bet types from experts, you should keep in mind to apply:
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  • Normally, the higher rated team will have fewer penalties on the field, whereas the weaker team will have more corner kicks. Therefore, in tournaments with Asian bets, you should bet the first corner on the weaker team, this will help you significantly increase your success rate.
  • In case both teams on the football field tend to attack the opponent, to be safe you should choose the Under bet if betting on the corner. Because for matches like this, the free kick rate will be higher than corner bets. 
  • You should join groups that follow online soccer tournaments, here everyone will give personal comments based on which you can make good betting decisions. 
  • To be sure, bettors can review the matches played by both teams, then we can easily recognize how to avoid corner kicks at home and then choose the form of bet. 

In the above article, we have just introduced information related to corner kick odds at Hi88 sports. If you want to know more about these attractive betting odds, please regularly follow the website, we will update more related information as soon as possible.

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